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C o r p o r a t e   F i n a n c e   A s s o c i a t e s

Corporate Finance Associates (CFA) and Corporate Finance Associates Worldwide (CFAW) has the mission to provide their clients with knowledgeable, experienced assistance with mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, financing and growth consulting. CFAW is a collection of more than 30 worldwide offices located throughout the US and the world.

The Challenges
1.Current site was not as professional as it needed to be. It suffered from lack of graphics, inconsistent or non-existent navigation, and lack of focus.
2.Each office, needing to provide their customers with information, were beginning to setup web sites that detracted from the overall corporate image.
3.The corporate office needed a way to provide corporate information (membership documentation, etc.) to each office.
4.The offices needed a way to share the list of potential buyers and sellers so that transactions could be completed quicker.

Content of corporate site and private site is managed by a secretary in the corporate office using BizStudio Online.
Each office is able to manage their own web site information. All web sites maintain a consistent, professional image and function together as one seemless unit.
Clear, consistent navigation throughout all web sites
Corporate web site directs customers to the appropriate area (buyers, sellers) by exposing the mission of the corporation using graphics and navigation.
Password protected private site for information exchange between offices and from the corporate headquarters.
Database of buyers and sellers located on private site. Contents of database is maintained online by secretary in corporate office.

Updates are made the day they are needed. A webmaster is no longer required, saving hundreds of dollars each month.
Information on all web sites is kept up to date.
Users are able to find the information they need.
Offices can now locate potential buyers or sellers by utilizing the private site database.
The private site facilitates communication between offices by using message boards.